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Why Choose Clear Commo Studios?

We believe in working closely with our clients in order to create the best audio experience.

When it comes to video, we know how important sound design can be to the success of a film. We work with directors to accomplish the task of bringing film to life through the power of audio sound effects, professional ADR, and quality voice overs. You need to be in Hollywood to get Hollywood sound.


Clear Commo is Powered by RØDE Microphones!


RØDE is an industry leader in audio recording equipment. We exclusively use RØDE microphones for all of our recording, so you can rest assured that your company’s content is being recorded through the very best microphones.


Podcast Sound Design

Film Sound Design

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About Us

Rod Rodriguez

Dedan "Rod" Rodriguez is the chief Podcast Producer and founder of Clear Commo Studios. He’s also the host of The After Action Review Podcast, a show dedicated to promoting Veteran entrepreneurship. His passion is audio and helping businesses find their voice in the world of podcasts. Rod continues to serve as a US Army Reserve Warrant Officer.